Annelieke Joosten is an authentic Dutch actor, model and writer. She has an enormous ambition and she has the willpower and talent to achieve her goals.

Her strengths are being truthful, vulnerable and open.


She is a spokesperson for mental health, in her personal life as well as her work as an artist. She writes blogs about psychological vulnerability for Socialrun. Besides that she is a dedicated vegan en positive activist.


Her passion for acting started when she was eight years old when her parents signed her up for acting classes for children. From this moment onwards she’s been in many different schools. For instance, at Toneel Vakschool Rotterdam (vocational acting school) where she was taught by Bart Kiene and at De Toneelmeester with Hugo Konings, Saskia Temmink and Michiel Nooter. From January 2019 she’s been having classes at the international acting school Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam. She’s found her truth in the Strasberg Technique (method acting).

Her teacher is Andre Landzaat, the only Dutch member of the Actor’s Studio. 


Annelieke has participated in several short films.

The short film called “Hel” (EN: Hell) is about depression. For her part in “Eindzege” (EN: Victory), for One Week Film Project 2018, she received an honourable mention as Best Actress.


In November 2019 the filming starts for the post-apocalyptic short film “Retina”, directed by Niels Veenendaal. Furthermore, in fall 2019 Annelieke will could be seen on Dutch television as part the documentary Tygo in de psychiatrie. In september 2020 she will open up about loneliness in the Dutch Documentary Alleenzaam at NPO3.


As a model, Annelieke has also achieved some publications worth mentioning. Her portrait travelled the world as part of the international exhibition “Red Hot II” by Britisch photographer Thomas Knights. In addition, in 2017 her picture was on the cover of “Inspiring Stories Magazine” about fair and sustainable fashion.

Photo on the left by Valerie Spanjers